I’m not sure about all this but people tell me that I need to make sure that people know what my intention is of my website. Here goes:

  • It is not intended to give anyway advice.
  • It is not intended to render information that you should implement for yourself. I highly recommend that you seek out the help of professionals when determining this kind of thing.
  • It is for entertainment purposes only.
  • By staying on the site you agree to be bound by these terms.
  • If you feel anything that I write is offensive I ask you leave. I promise you won’t hurt my feelings.
  • If you find help for information please share.
  • I keep everything confidential and private.
  • If you choose to share something with me by email I promise I will publish anything.
  • I don’t use tracking software.
  • I don’t even use cookies.
  • I keep your information safe.

Well I would say that pretty much covers it if you have additional questions please use the contact form and hit me up.