Who Is Kit

about me

Hey what’s up this is Kit. Thanks for visiting my blog.

First what’s up with the name right? Well, I love red wine. Not so much the white stuff but the red stuff is amazing. I like trying all kinds of different new red wines out. My favored I would have to say is probably a Merlot. But it certainly depends on the situation.

This blog really isn’t about wine, although I just like the name. The reason I picked it was because the Turkish are known for making sure that they enjoy their lives. You’ve probably heard of Turkish baths. And wine well pretty much goes without saying.

The point is I wanted to collect all of the things that make my life better and write about them here. I figured a couple of things might spark your interest as well. I love the outdoors great wine, Good people and chilling by a fire.

Me? I am your average guy. I really don’t asked for a ton of stuff out of life. I just enjoy enjoying it. I’ve lost a lot of love ones in my lifetime and I realize that we don’t get to live here forever. So, he might as well enjoy it while you can.

While we’re here, I believe we should help other people.

I donate as much is again, Well maybe not as much as I can. However I do donate regularly. I try to help other people. For years I think I did it because secretly I hope that it would somehow help me in return. Oh well, these days I’m not sure about all that although I still do believe it does come around, I just hope it helps people.  I say it that way because I want to make sure that I’m not at the center of my own universe if you know what I mean. It’s pretty clear that most of us are just in the survival mentality.

But I am struggling to break free about. I’ll probably talk about a lot of the books that I read that are helping me do that in my blog.

Last but not least if you need to get a hold of me just use the contact form.